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West Meon Pottery & Architectural Ceramics


We reproduce all types of faience and terracotta for conservation projects, copying as closely as possible the colour and texture of the original material. We make terracotta blocks, relief tiles, decorative panels, terracotta balustrades, floor and wall tiles. The techniques we employ can, of course, be used on contemporary or new-build projects.

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Ishiya chocolate factory
 Terracotta and faience panels for Ishiya chocolate factory, Hokkaido, Japan
faience panel
faience panel
3 metre terracotta panel
terracotta roundels
 We made new terracotta roundels for Buckingham Lodges in Stowe
Landscape Gardens
Buckingham Lodge, Stowe
new roundel beneath Coade Stone chimney
terracotta roundel
Surbiton Assembly Rooms
 New pieces for Surbiton Assembly Rooms
terracotta capitals
new capital and pilaster
Farnham Castle
 We made 20 different brick shapes for repairs to Foxes tower, Farnham Castle
Foxes Tower
brick shapes for Foxes Tower
relief tiles
relief panel
relief tiles for Combe Court Chiddingfold
date plaques
date plaque, Elveden estate
Tudor rose relief tile
 Relief Tiles and Plaques
Air bricks
Pier Caps
Pier Caps
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